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Elevate your coffee experience with DEER CAMP® Coffee One Eye Opener™ Dark Roast. Bold, intense, and invigorating, this blend is crafted to awaken your senses with its robust flavor profile and rich aroma. Each sip delivers a powerful punch of deep, dark espresso notes, accompanied by hints of smoky undertones and a lingering, velvety finish. Whether you're starting your day at the crack of dawn or in need of a midday pick-me-up, One Eye Opener Espresso promises to ignite your spirit and fuel your adventures, one cup at a time.

Dark Roast, Whole Bean 1 lb.


Whole Bean 

16 oz. 

Made In MIchigan

Roasted Fresh and Packaged

DEER CAMP® Coffee One Eye Opener™ Dark Roast Espresso Blend

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