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  • Do you roast coffee on site?
    Yes!!! We are a licensed coffee roaster. We craft our own brews daily. We also feature DEER CAMP® Coffee tasting events and seasonal releases on our website!
  • Do you flavor your coffee?
    YES!!! We offer an assortment of year-round flavors as well specialty releases flavors customers enjoy. We use flavors that are both FDA approved as well TTB approved.
  • Are any of your coffees organic certified?
    We offer organic certified coffees in green beans. These coffees are cultivated, roasted, and certified in accordance with USDA Organic standards.
  • Are any of your coffees fair-trade or direct-trade certified?
    We offer fair trade natural green coffee and other specialty-grade coffees. We take pride to source and ensure compliance with the products that are purchased.
  • How much caffeine is in your coffee?
    All coffees have caffeine. Caffeine content is dependent on bean variety, craft brew roasting profile, and extraction method. The darker the roast at times may have less caffeine. The more water used per unit of coffee; the more caffeine is diluted. 16 ounce cup of coffee will have somewhere between 170 to 210 mg of caffeine.
  • Do you have a light / medium / dark roast?
    Most of our coffees are roasted from light to medium to dark roast profile. This is to preserve the delicate craft brew flavor characteristics associated with the coffee’s origin and processing methods. Our dark roasts include roasts and espresso blend roasts. Our packaging will state the brewing characterizes of each product roasted.
  • How can I keep my coffee fresh?
    Some of our packages offer a seal for ease of storing. If your bag does not have that seal, make sure to use an air-tight container for storage. It is recommended to use your craft brew coffee for maximum freshness within two weeks of opening.
  • Where is my shipped order?
    It can take 24-48 hours to fill an order for shipping. We roast to-order to assure that every coffee we ship is as fresh as possible. We will send you tracking information as soon as your order is picked up by the carrier. Please be aware that weekends and holidays may affect delivery timing. Also due to COVID-19 we are not able to control the USPS and other carriers. They may have delays due to staffing shortages, etc.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Do not place an order online. Please contact us directly at
  • What is Cold Brew?
    Cold brew is a method of brewing coffee using cold, filtered water or room temperature water. You can use any coffee roasted coffee bean blend to make crafted cold brew. We recommend a cold brew system that you can find online. Continuous refrigeration is preferred. Home brewers should try different time, coffee bean ratio, and temperatures to suit their own taste preference. DEER CAMP® Coffee also has it own canned craft cold brew coming soon featuring REALTREE camouflage patterns.
  • What is Nitro Cold Brew?
    “Nitro” cold brew is nitrogen-infused cold brewed coffee. We follow the same recipe as our traditional “still” cold brew, and use the keg with nitrogen to give the coffee a smooth craft beer and stout style draught beer. It is non-alcoholic and has about the same caffeine content as still cold brew.
  • How can I get Cold Brew?
    We currently offer cold brew in single servings, growlers, and grunts DEER CAMP® Coffee Brews and Eats carryout. We also offer cold brew gear online and in our DEER CAMP® Coffee retail store. For information on cold brew wholesale programs please contact us at:
  • Can I used DEER CAMP® Coffee for home brew craft beer?
    Yes. Our blends can be used for home brewing.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Due to the perishable nature of coffee and the incidental wear on brewing equipment, we cannot accept returns. If something is wrong with the product when it arrives such as damage to the packaging or compromised quality please contact
  • I don’t see the coffee I bought last time. Where is it?
    We make a lot of coffee. Coffee is a seasonal crop. We can maintain our signature blends year-round, but many of our single origin coffees will change with the season. Use the search bar in our online store to look for keywords. If you don’t see what your looking for you can contact
  • Do you offer any education programs?
    Yes, we offer a variety of events, classes on both coffee, hunting, archery, and wildlife. Please check our events page for more information.
  • Do you offer wholesale programs?
    Yes, we do wholesale. You can contact to learn more.
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