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+^^[CALENG/FIGHT]!!^ IShowSpeed vs KSI F i g h t Live FREE On 15 Dec, 2023

IShowSpeed vs KSI live streaming: Date, time & Everything You Need to know about this Charity fight

KSI will make a shock return to the ring on TONIGHT to face fellow internet superstar IShowSpeed in a sparring match.



When is KSI vs IShowSpeed?

KSI will face IShowSpeed in a sparring match TONIGHT - Friday, December 15th.

The event will begin at 4am GMT/ 11pm ET, the same time Jake Paul is expected to take on Andre August.

The spar will take place in London.

What TV channel is KSI vs IShowSpeed on and can it be live streamed FREE?

KSI vs IShowSpeed will not be broadcast on a TV channel.

You can watch the spar for FREE in the UK and the USA on IShowSpeed's official YouTube channel.

Is KSI vs IShowSpeed a sanctioned boxing match?

No — KSI vs IShowSpeed is not an officially sanctioned boxing match. Instead, these two influencers are simply sparring for charity… but that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t excited to watch these internet icons face off in the ring, regardless.

KSI is about to fight IShowSpeed in an anticipated unofficial boxing match scheduled for December 15. The two social media personalities, who have engaged in online banter for weeks, are gearing up for a live-streamed sparring session, with the proceeds going to charity.

When is IShowSpeed vs KSI boxing fight?

KSI vs Speed is taking place on Friday, December 15. Notably, the timing holds significance as KSI strategically counters Jake Paul’s event, where ‘The Problem Child’ is slated to fight boxer Andre August on the same day.

Where to watch IShowSpeed vs KSI live stream

Fans can tune into KSI vs IShowSpeed on IShowSpeed’s official YouTube channel for free. The bout will be streamed at 4 AM GMT / 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT.

The bout between KSI and IShowSpeed is not formally sanctioned as a professional boxing match. Rather, these two influencers are engaging in a charitable sparring event. However, this distinction has not diminished the enthusiasm of fans eager to witness these internet icons square off in the ring.

Supporters have the option to contribute donations to the event. All funds raised will be directed to the Anthony Walker Foundation, a charity committed to addressing racism through initiatives such as providing educational opportunities, victim support services, and promoting equity and inclusion for everyone.


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