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DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is pleased to offer a variety of products for your home, cabin, or camp.  We enjoy featuring our home state Made In Michigan products too!  Some offerings are seasonal, exclusives, limited offering, in-store only, and my not be listed in our online store. Product availability and pricing are subject to change due suppliers, shipping carriers, and commodity market.   

DEER CAMP Buckin Good Chili Seasoning 5 oz.

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Product Details

DEER CAMP™ Buckin Good™ Chili Seasoning Mix 5 oz.

DEER CAMP™ Seasonings; a series of seasonings, rubs, marinades, mixes, BBQ sauces, and supplies designed for award winning tastes at home or in the cabin.

DEER CAMP™ Buckin Good™ Chili Seasoning Mix is always a camp favorite celebrating the memories and traditions of “Opening Day”, first harvests, and tastes of Deer Camp especially tasty venison chili.

Enjoyed with beef, wild game meats, exotic meats, and poultry. For additional flavors and heat add jalapeno, peppers, hot sauce, onions, sour cream, beans, and corn. Adjust mix to preferred taste preferences.

Heat up the wood stove, camp fire, or crock pot and enjoy DEER CAMP™ Buckin Good™ Chili Seasoning Mix

Mix and pair with other DEER CAMP™ Seasonings.

Store in a dry place.


INGREDIENTS: Spices including Paprika, Salt, Dried Garlic, Cocoa Powder, Beef Broth (Maltodextrin, Salt, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Celery, Spinach, Parsley, Carrots, and Garlic, Natural Flavors, Caramel Color, and Spices), Dried Onion, Potato Starch

CONTAINS: Soy, Wheat


Spice Profile: Mild

Made In Michigan

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