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DEER CAMP® Coffee Craft Brewer Blend 1 lb. Green Bean

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DEER CAMP® Coffee Craft Brew Green Beans Blend 1 lb.

All Craft Brew Coffees start with the best sourced green beans! You can now create your own roasting profiles in each batch for added enjoyment at home or the cabin.

Our Fan Favorite DEER CAMP® Coffee Craft Brew Green Beans Is a Proprietary Blend!

A perfectly balanced blend of Arabica coffee beans, DEER CAMP® Coffee Craft Brew Green Bean Blend is smooth with crafted finish. You will experience sweetness as well some heavy bodied cocoa flavors for a cup that is to be brewed any time of day. Excellent as drip, pour over, or French Press, cold brew, and home brewers. You can soak them in your favorite spirit for added flavoring profiles too like whiskey barrels or just add flavoring after the roasting process for best results.

Heat Profile Suggested: City Roast. 225 °C

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