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DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is pleased to offer a variety of products for your home, cabin, or camp.  We enjoy featuring our home state Made In Michigan products too!  Some offerings are seasonal, exclusives, limited offering, in-store only, and my not be listed in our online store. Product availability and pricing are subject to change due suppliers, shipping carriers, and commodity market.   

DEER CAMP® Buck Pole™ Slim Insulated Beverage Can Sleeve Blaze Orange With Black Lettering

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DEER CAMP® Buck Pole™ Slim Insulated Beverage Can Sleeve.

Blaze Orange Insulated beverage Holder with Black Letter

Hang on modern latches of Cooler Too without losing your sleeve.

DEER CAMP® is a Registered Trademark of Buck Baits, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

ABOUT: COOLER COMRADE™ KEEP IT CLOSE™ Everybody has a cabinet or drawer full of can coolers. However, too often the can coolers are left in that cabinet or drawer when they are needed most. The Cooler Comrade™ was designed to always keep your can coolers close to the ice-cold beverages – right where they belong! The Patent Pending utility design fits almost every kind of roto-molded cooler handle on the market. Proudly display in the back of trucks, at the next party, or wherever your adventures take you.

Use of Slim Style Cold Brew, Cans, Glass, hard ciders, Water Bottles, Mugs, Tumblers, Gifts

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