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DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is pleased to offer a variety of products for your home, cabin, or camp.  We enjoy featuring our home state Made In Michigan products too!  Some offerings are seasonal, exclusives, limited offering, in-store only, and my not be listed in our online store. Product availability and pricing are subject to change due suppliers, shipping carriers, and commodity market.   

Buck Baits™ Scent Anchor™ 6 Pack Wick / Drags

In stock
Product Details
  • 6 Anchors To A Pack
  • 4 anchor arms to dip right into a bottle or spray your liquid scent.
  • Use multiple scents on one Scent Anchor.
  • Durable Synthetic felt that will not alter or change the smell of your lure.
  • Extremely Absorbent, high air flow, and high scent dispersion area.
  • Two hanging areas designed for small and large branches
  • Wind picks up more scent due to wide placement of anchor arms.
  • Can be used to as path markers too

Buck Baits “Scent Anchor™ Wick” | Drag is designed with four different application areas as well a high air dispersion area for delivery. Made from durable synthetic felt designed not to alter or change the smell of cover scents or lures. Inspired by an Anchor; Buck Baits Scent Anchor™ wick offers four arms to apply scent and anchor it to the intended area. It also is designed to fit inside scent liquid bottles or if you wish spray your scent directly to the wick. Tie a rope to all of them and use as a drag. You also can use it for path markers or target practice.

Packaged: 6 Scent Anchors Wicks

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