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Buck Baits™ Deer Bleat Game Call With Lanyard

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Madde In USA

  • Doe Bleat
  • Great Starter Call
  • Easy To Use
  • Exotic Wood

Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Doe Bleat Game Call is a metallic tone board grunt call with weighted mylar reed tuned specifically for white tail (Odocoileus virginianus) doe

Directions for use: Use low pressure diaphragm exhale to excite the reed of the call. Cup end of plastic baffle with hand and gradually open cupped hand while exhaling to create amplified effect. Extend baffle and turn on 90 degree angle to create a more directional sound. A doe bleater should be used sparingly. Produce a couple of bleats every 20 or 30 minutes at most, and watch down wind for bucks to sneak in and attempt to smell the doe.

*Made in USA, Each item will some variance in color as well grain.

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