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DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is pleased to offer a variety of products for your home, cabin, or camp.  We enjoy featuring our home state Made In Michigan products too!  Some offerings are seasonal, exclusives, limited offering, in-store only, and my not be listed in our online store. Product availability and pricing are subject to change due suppliers, shipping carriers, and commodity market.   

Buck Baits Buck With Tarsal 4 oz. With Sprayer

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Product Details

ATA Approved and check mark Product.

Buck Baits™ Buck Urine With Tarsal is used when making your own mock scraps.

Packaged in 4 oz. (118 ml) plastic spray bottles, hunters are excited about the quantity, quality and dollar value they receive in each bottle.

Hot To Use:

Scratch up a sufficient area next to a well-traveled path, then squirt buck with tarsal urine in your scrape. Big Bucks cannot resist checking out Buck Baits™ Buck Urine With Tarsal” and cannot resist checking out the intruder in their areas. Be prepared as bucks will be ready for a fight. Warning: DO NOT put this urine on our boots or clothing.

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