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DEER CAMP® Coffee Roasting Company & Outfitters is pleased to offer a variety of products for your home, cabin, or camp.  We enjoy featuring our home state Made In Michigan products too!  Some offerings are seasonal, exclusives, limited offering, in-store only, and my not be listed in our online store. Product availability and pricing are subject to change due suppliers, shipping carriers, and commodity market.   

Buck Baits™ Bobcat Urine 4 oz With Sprayer

In stock
Product Details
Brand: Buck Baits
  • Highly Effective
  • Attracts Bobcats
  • Homeowners Use As Repellent (Rats, Rodents, Mice)

Buck Baits “Bobcat” urine is an attractant and deterrent. Packaged in 4 oz bottle with spray mister for ease of application.

Highly effective Bobcat attractant, a effective curiosity scent, and home owners purchase to use as natural pest deterrent repellent for mice, moles, voles, chipmunks, etc.

Check with local and state laws before using. Warning; Highly effective and can be dangerous if misused. Be aware of your surroundings after use.

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